WE ACADEMY is a resort type of an English Academy located on a 1- hectare former mango farm.

Students can live and feel the real Philippines, the tropical country’s nature and culture.

WE Academy provides high quality of English studies and leisure. With amenities like the driving range, swimming pool, basketball court, football field, and the newly built dormitories and classrooms, students can definitely enjoy studying and doing physical activities.

Why in the Philippines and Clark ?

Angeles city is located at the PAMAPANGA region, the middle part of Luzon Island where the capital city, MANILA, is located. Due to its location, it is very convenient to travel towards to north part, BAGUIO, and south part, MANILA using express highway(NLEX, SCTEX). Also, Clark international airport gives you direct access from many cities and countries conveniently. CLARK is a special free port zone as same as SUBIC. Many international companies are located in CLARK due to its convenient location.

With its easy access, CLARK is now becoming center of English studies city. CLARK has several international and private schools and Aviation school. Also, different universities in the Philippines are moving to CLARK.

WE ACADEMY is located only 30 minutes away from Clark International airport. WE academy is surrounded with many different school like international, public, private, Chinese schools. One international school is just right across from WE ACAMDEMY.